Gossip Letters


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Chapter One

All across a small town named Bakersville, gossip spread like wildfire amongst all the letters.


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Chapter Two

B was considered to be the unofficial queen of the town, where she was the first to know and tell people about anything and everything.


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Chapter Three

Coffee shops were known to be the hangout spot. Where all the letters liked to hang out and of course, spill the gossip with one another.


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Chapter Four

Disappointed but not shocking news was about letter D’s new relationship with another letter. They were the talk of the town for a couple of days.


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Chapter Five

Every street corner seemed to know about it as this town seemed to echo with the latest gossip no how big or small it was.


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Chapter Six

Friendships were tested as secrets were revealed and alliances shifted like dust in the wind.


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Chapter Seven

Given that D’s relationship was now old news, G was now the talk of the town. Their promotion at their new job made every other letter jealous because everyone wanted this job for themselves.


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Chapter Eight

How was this town going to stop their gossip problems? Continuous conversations happen every hour of the day with no breaks in between.


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Chapter Nine

It continues day after day. So many whispered conversations between each of the letters. Where the downfall of some friendships and relationships start to happen…


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Chapter Ten

Jealousy slowly gets to the better of every letter, as rivalries formed and alliances shifted like sand.


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Chapter Eleven

Kindness amongst them started to decline rapidly, it was overshadowed by the desire to be the first to know the juciest gossip.


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Chapter Twelve

Lies were getting out of hand, the blurring lines between fact and fake. What is the truth anymore? We simply do not know.


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Chapter Thirteen

Mistrust elevated beneath the surface and eventually led some of the letters’ to end relationships with one another.


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Chapter Fourteen

Neighborhoods were getting quieter and only a few thriving friendships left and were confused as to why the gossip suddenly took a pause.


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Chapter Fifteen

Over a course of time, the town became divided into groups, each with their own version of the truth.


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Chapter Sixteen

Petty rivalries turned into very big fueds from each side. They all wanted to continue and fight with one anothe, until…


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Chapter Seventeen

Queen of the town (letter B) was confused. Why was her beautiful town splitting up into two sides? Why is gossip getting to the best of them?


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Chapter Eighteen

Realizing that all of this gossip got out of hand, Queen B was doing everything in their power to piece back the town. These rumors truly consumed everyones reputations and friendships with one another.


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Chapter Nineteen

Solutions to fixing the problem were being planned. This led Queen B to hold a ceremony, where every letter had a chance to ask for forgiveness from one another.


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Chapter Twenty

This was the solution the town needed! These rumors were decreasing, the truth was being revealed, and everything was gradually returning back to normal.


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Chapter Twenty One

Up until this very moment, Queen B couldn’t believe what was happening. Their town becoming it’s original self with lots of love and flourishing relationships and friendships.


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Chapter Twenty Two

Voices of excitement ran through all of town. Cheering over the fact the chain of gossip has broken and everyone can return back to their normal lives.


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Chapter Twenty Three

Without anymore worry of gossip being spread, the town was living happily and continued to thrive for days to come.


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Chapter Twenty Four

Excitement seemed to never end in this town, because the burden of gossip was on them for so long. Once this changed, every letter seemed more happy and relieved that there was nothing to tear them down.


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Chapter Twenty Five

Years of yearning for peace, the day offically arrived. Everyone greeted each other with respect, happiness was being spread, smiles were shared, and laughs were basically contagious amongst the town.


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Chapter Twenty Six

Zen must now remain for years to come, the peacefulness is what makes the town successful and stays this way for years to come!